Monday, March 1, 2010

At Last

dear dearie,,,

i`m please to tell that i`m through and last nite was splendid...
it feels like at last i am who i am before..
yes the period that we had togather had taught me a lot about the world...
there are memories that i will and always remember..
but most of them are purely rubbish and disgusting..
i am a totally diffrent person when i`m wif her..
i had disgrace the principle that i`ve hold on to for such a long time..
my old were shocked when they found out that i`m diffrent..
NEWSPLASH...guys i am the old among u`olls will no worried of losing your fren anymore..
yes it was my mistake when i neglect the principle that i have hold on to..
and i apologize guys...the real me are slowly arise from death...haha(kinda creepy)...

to D, its not that i hate u..its juz that the tie that u wanted us to have will never ever goin to be reality..haha..yes i`m gonna be lonely,but life is all about making choices isnt it..
i`m making mine now and u r making yours..
this is a lesson for me..a lesson that will be remembered and pass from generation to generation..
thanks for the good and bad memories...i`m done..and i`m through...

-firdaus haron-

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