Sunday, February 28, 2010

mixed feelings : splendid weekend..

hey there once again..i really dont have anything else to do except blogging due to my mobility limitation...but we`ll get to it later k...


the day kick off very well...not really actually...i did not have my sleep at was damm tiring..
then on 9am i have games to play and obviously rugby..
it started very well actually..we won both of our games that day..

1st match- we started the game a little bit of pace.. we were up against asasi sains..there were a little bit of sloopy play by us..luckily we were fortunate enough to win the game by 14-0..we were on the driving sit for the second half of the game..

2nd match- we were up against engineering B where we won by was a tight game at the beginning but then we manage to grab a win because they were lack of experience..haha..but then there were fist flying and i hate it..they are so up to the class to be a rugby player..only bunch of fool..


we play our last game of the tournemnt against engin A,,this game is in our pocket even be4 the game started..but the tense was there as they wanted to win also in order to win the tournemnt..but 2 tries from buncit, 1 try from sadiq and a coversion by me(hahaha capap sket la) had secure the championship for us..the final score 17-0 made us the first ever ASASI 10`s champion...hahaha....
despite that i`ve injured my knee during an exhibition is painful and i cant sleep becoz of it..and 2morow i`ve to meet physio to examine my injury..i hope it is not serious..this is what u get when u play with beginner..shit

this game also mark our last sport to play togather..afta this there aint gonna be anymore fun as we have to struggle for the least we close our 2nd sem in a memorable manner...hahaha...

guys i`m gonna miz our time togather...i`m not good in expressing my feelings but i noe u`olls understand kan...

eventhough this weekend was splendid but the other part of my life was not that happy..
i`ve just read a post in a blog of my `fren` and the content was not that pleasing...

u see when u love someone, the feeling is hard to be forget..imagine sumone pop up and out of no where ask u to forget the feeling that u have for so it appropriate.. u tell me..sorry for being like a sissy but i think that action is not reasonable...
maybe it was not meant to be but this is not right after evrything that happen..

have ever lowering your ego for someone..let me tell u something..IT IS DAMM HARD..but some how i manage to do it..but then it was not being appreciated and the person make use of u.. i neva complaint before but it seems to be juz little too much dont u think..
anyway it will NEVER EVER goin to effect my mission which is my study and future..this is juz a way of me releasing my anger..haha..and `it` also says that `it` still wanna help in forgetting evrything which i found to be so full of shit..

haha..puas last ade gak tempat nk lepaskn geram..
anyway see u later k..


assalamualaikum and hey guys...
this is my first time of writing a blog...tensions always surprise us in a shocking manner..for example `AMONG NOW HAS HIS OWN BLOG`
funny huh....

this week marks my final journey as an asasi student..i neva thought that time would be flying in this kind of pace..i`m gonna miz the good time i have in uitm wif law foundation student..
all the joke that we share..the good and bad days of us..
guys the memories that we share togather will be remembered for eternity..

haha...i still cannot accept that now i have my own blog..
what the hell i`m gonna shit bout in this blog???
i dunno..hhahaha
for those in their home town send my regard to yor family will ya..
k guys..see u in the nxt post..