Monday, March 1, 2010


hey there...

i`m sorry that we have to end in this kind of manner,,
to be frank laz nite was shocking and disastrous..
the reason that i had to react in such manner is that

1.becoz i dont want to be the person who gonna distrub u and him
2.becoz i want to grant your wish when u say that u want me to forget bout u..
3.i cannot act like i dont care bout u 2..
4.becoz the love is not easily shattered,, i have to do something to get rid of it..
5.becoz that is the only way that i noe to make u far from me..
6.this is maybe also the only way so that i forget bout u..
7.becoz i really care and love u..

these are the reason why i`m acting like an asshole on that particular time..
only god noe how do i feel on that nite..
its up to u how u gonna look at me afta dis..
and i`m sorry when i said that u r as the same as him..
i know u hate it and that only thing that i can do for u to hate me...
i did all of this because of u..

i noe that mr.T is your dream guy and i accept it..
best guy wins and its him..
we were not meant to be togather..
so gud luck in your exam my dear..
hope to see u nxt sem...

this the only thing that i could justify my action..
i do not if its sufficient enough for u..
u noe me better that anybody else..
so judge me wif your wisdom and not anger..
do be stupid like me coz i listen to my anger rather than to what i really felt..
i think u had enough of me,,
so goodbye is the only word that i can say to u..
goodbye my FRIEND...\
u thought me a lot though...

1 comment:

  1. well among, it is well spoken. me who don't even noe a damn single things, can burst into tears. (not total crying but almost). love? is something i promise myself not to get involve with until i'm sure that i can handle it well. hurting? sure u will hurt urself. even worst, hurt people around u.=D hope u will be just fine. hope u will be just ok... hope u will meet someone new that won't change the among that i noe previously. all the best from me, ur dearest schoolmates. =D *winks*